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Manufacturer specified installation manuals from Shimano, SRAM, FSA and Cannondale.
Bike Crank Installation Insructions. Crank Installation Instructions. How do I install my cranks? To see detailed instructions of the crank installations, click on a link below. Three piece cranks consist of two individual crank arms and a spindle and are made from a variety of different materials. Three piece cranks generally
2. The LED indicator is now flashing green. Please pair the power meter to your cycling computer (observe computer manufacturer's instructions). 3. Install the crankset to the bicycle (observe manufacturer's instructions and torque values!). After installing, check the function of the front derailleur and adjust as necessary.
For Installation to the Bicycle, and Maintenance: ?HOLLOWTECH II type. • If the inner cover is not installed correctly, the axle may rust and become damaged, and the bicycle may fall over and serious injury may occur as a result. • The two left crank arm mounting bolts should be tightened in stages rather than fully tightened
Please read these instructions and follow them for correct use. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions could result in damage to product not covered under warranty, damage to bicycle; or cause an accident resulting in injury or death. Since specific tools and experience are necessary for proper installation, it is
Congratulations! The S-Works Carbon crankset you have chosen is among the finest advanced composite products available in cycling. Carbon fiber is a very special material that requires particular care during assembly, storage and riding. This instruction guide contains instructions and warnings, plus torque specifications
must be made through the retailer where the bicycle or the SRAM component was purchased. manual. The SRAM user manuals can be found online at,,,, or This warranty does not apply to damage to the product caused by a . GXP Bottom Bracket Installation .
3 Jan 2015 The installation of the Shimano Stages Power Meter follows the process as the manufacturer's recommended installation, with no changes to the process or torque specifications. You can download the instructions attached to this page or check out our video below.
10 Sep 2015 This article will assist in identifying the crank system found on your bike and direct you to an article outlining the full process of removal and installation.
Instruction and Installation Manual. Oct. 2008, for model 6 and earlier cranks. WARNING—FOR YOUR SAFETY READ THIS FIRST. To the PowerCranks™ novice, riding a bicycle with PowerCranks™ will feel substantially different than when using regular cranks and could be more dangerous if you will be riding them on a