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9 Nov 2012 For those who are out of the loop, digiscoping involves taking images through a spotting scope rather than a camera lens. We shot both systems on the same Canon 7D (the scopes don't cover a full-frame sensor), swapping it back and forth to assure the camera wasn't a variable. For those keeping score
4 Jan 2011 Many of the Canon compact cameras, for example, have a handy little digital zoom “magnifying glass” that will show of the point the camera has chosen to focus on – this is a great help to double-check your focus is correct. With a DSLR, you can either focus manually using the optical viewfinder (with a little
The camera settings described below are the settings I use for my Nikon Coolpix 4500. Other digital camera model features will vary but settings will be similar. I set my camera to either full manual mode or Aperture priority, in full manual mode I have complete control over shutter speed and aperture settings. I then use the
above shows the effect of various shutter speed and ISO settings on the brightness of the picture. These settings can be adjusted by setting your camera to “Manual.” Refer to the camera's instruction manual for further details. All pictures were taken at dusk, using a Canon EOS Rebel T3 mounted on a 20-. 60x80mm spotting
What are the important considerations when selecting a digiscoping adapter? Universal fit and secure What exposure settings should I use when using a Direct Projection digiscoping adapter? Put the camera on its full What is the best digiscoping adapter for my (Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Leica) camera?
The Canon EOS Digiscoping Kit enables a Canon EOS DSLR camera to be attached to a spotting scope via a simple kit digiscoping kit that includes a digiscoping sleeve, digiscoping insert and a Canon EOS T2 Mount.
It is possible to digiscope using either a digital compact camera or a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera. Choosing a camera with a full manual mode is generally best (you can digiscope with practically any compact camera though so don't worry!) as the camera can be adjusted to suit conditions better than if the
2 Feb 2017 Digiscoping (pairing a camera with a spotting scope) has a number of advantages over conventional photography. The first of these concerns weight: scopes are much lighter than large lenses, and in many cases they are easier to carry. You can even buy something called a Scopac – a harness that fits
This is a job for digiscoping! Digiscoping with a spotting scope, telescope, or binoculars turns your camera—even your cell phone camera—into a powerful optical device with a telephoto reach that blows even the most expensive DSLR lenses out of the wetlands, and for a fraction of the cost of a premium telephoto lens.